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You need an experienced divorce lawyer if you are facing the end of a marriage. Do not try to do this on your own.

Why Choose Townsend Law to Represent You?

When all else fails, many times divorce is the only solution to regain your happiness and to get your life back on track. If you need a Boise divorce lawyer, call attorney Jeff Townsend at Townsend Law. Jeff is an expert at quickly working through the family law system and bringing marriages to a resolution, whether it is contested or not.

Why Hire a Divorce Attorney?

While you can navigate the family law system on your own, you will be much better off in most cases with professional representation. An experienced divorce lawyer ensures your needs are represented and your rights are protected. Even in the event of an uncontested divorce, you could end up costing yourself or your children thousands of dollars in support if you try to go it alone.

Do not try to represent yourself if your spouse has an attorney. A divorce attorney facing you as a “pro se” litigant, meaning you are representing yourself, will almost certainly end up in disaster for you in the long run. It’s like an amateur athlete facing a professional. They have training and experience that you cannot compete against. Do not take the chance, it is just not worth it!

What is the Difference between Contested and Uncontested?

As it sounds, the contested divorce means that at least one of the two parties do not agree on the terms of the divorce put forward by the other party. Whether it is an issue of child custody, spousal support, property distribution, etc., there is something in this process that keeps this from being uncontested.

An uncontested divorce means that both parties completely agree upon every term within the divorce decree. As you might imagine, this makes life much easier for all parties, including the attorney.

Even if you believe the divorce will be uncontested, you should consider hiring a local attorney. You never know when your uncontested divorce could become contested because your future ex-spouse decides they no longer agree with the terms.

Are Military Divorces Different?

Military life brings many special circumstances to those that serve our country. Unfortunately, divorce among military members also has special considerations. Because of the geographic separation of most military families away from their “home of record”, child custody often becomes a very big issue in the event a marriage ends.

Another serious concern is that of the military retirement pay should the serving member complete their career. Retirement pay is generally considered “community property” and is divisible as part of a divorce settlement. This alone is reason enough to have an attorney experienced with military procedures in your corner.

Contact an Experienced Boise Divorce Attorney

If you feel that ending the marriage is inevitable, call attorney Jeff Townsend at Townsend Law today. Schedule your free consultation as soon as possible. Waiting to hire an attorney could potentially cost you thousands of dollars and years of heartache. Call Jeff Townsend today at 208-350-7310 and put his 20 years of experience to work for you.