Does This Count as Family Law?

Family law is a wide-ranging legal field. The legal world is so vast and diverse that it’s important for you to hire the right attorney for your case. You need someone who is specialized. That means you need to know if something counts as family law or not.

The Obvious

There are some obvious element of family law. For example, divorce and child custody are two of the most common elements of a family law practice. Family law attorneys handle dozens of these cases through the course of their normal duties. That make sense since a spouse and a child are obviously part of your family.

Domestic violence and rent disputes are also elements of family law. While not being completely precise, it is a good rule of thumb to assume that most things that happen under your roof are in the field of family law. So, disputes with a roommate would also be family law.

The Not-So-Obvious

There are a few areas of family law that are not quite so obvious. Surrogacy is one of those areas. Surrogacy involves a woman carrying a baby on behalf of another woman. A surrogate can carry a fertilized egg from a mother and a father. Alternately, the surrogate can carry her own child to term and then the child can be adopted. There are several very thorny issues that come up with surrogacy and adoption. A family law attorney could be very important for that.

A family law attorney can also help you with child emancipation cases. The attorneys often represent the child who wants to be emancipated from their parents before they reach the age of 18. Alternately, a family law attorney might represent the parents if the parents want to contest the emancipation.

Since some women often change their names after being, name changes are covered by family law. There are several different legal challenges that can arise when you change your name. All of your identification will be in a different name; typically, that’s not much of an issue but there are often some problems that arise. That’s especially true with more sensitive forms of identification. A family law attorney can also help you for basically anything else that happens inside of your home. A common example involves a child who is injured in your house but is not your child; for example, a child at a birthday party. There are different types of liability that you might have; a good lawyer can help you navigate them.

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