What to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

In a legal sense, personal injury is any injury that happens to your person; the implication is that the injury is not your fault. It can take place at your home, at work, or in public. Whenever you are injured in a way that is not your fault, you could be entitled to make a claim. The first step is that you must establish you were actually injured and that it was unavoidable. For example, if you slip on a wet floor in a grocery store, you could be entitled to payment if the store was negligent. However, if you ignored a “wet floor” sign, you would likely not be entitled to payment. A personal injury lawyer can sort through it. Before you hire one, be sure to ask a few questions.

What Is the Case Worth?

When you are dealing with a personal injury case, your attorney will likely be able to estimate how much your case will be worth. You should be wary of an attorney who can’t give you an estimate. However, you should be equally wary of an attorney who quotes you some very high number or who quotes you a firm number. There is no way to be 100% certain since so much of a personal injury claim depends on factors that only come to light as the case proceeds.

Will This Go to Trial?

Many personal injury cases are settled out of court. However, you should ask if it will go to trial. A lawyer who says that you are going to settle could be selling you short. It’s difficult to get the settlement that you deserve if you are not prepared to go to trial. You want an attorney who is ready and able to take a case to trial. That way, you’ll have faith in your settlement if the case goes that route.

Have You Tried These Cases Before?

Every type of personal injury is slightly different and will need to be pursued differently. Slip and fall accidents are different than workplace injuries, for example. You should ask the attorney if they have tried cases like yours before. That’s especially important if you have something very unique. For example, if you work in a very unique field and have a workplace injury, you need confidence that your attorney understands the nature of your injury. These are just a few of the questions you should ask an attorney before you sign on the dotted line.

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